Angie's Sexy Compilation Video Series One With Sexy Nurse Elizabeth

So many sexy videos.  One full hour of stocking and panty heaven.  These videos are so sexy and so much fun.  From vintage panties and garter belts, girdles and slips to black leather dom lesbian stocking sex.  Panties, upskirts, under skirts its all here.  Take a look at what's in store.

Angie the Strap On Dom and Lauren the Slut
Angie is cool as ice
dressed in her leather bra with no cups and a dog collar, black leather opera gloves, sheer black vintage bikini panties, black garter belt, black stockings,  5 inch black stilettos and a leather harness strap on dildo. Very toughLauren is a submissive slut in her stockings, black open bottom girdle and bikini panties.  She is topless, masturbating on the floor as she watches Angela the dom bitch just staring at her.  Angie has total control.  She orders Lauren to suck her strap on.  Angie buries it in her throat as she grabs Lauren's head and pushes it deep.  She turns and makes Lauren worship her ass.  Lauren licks her panties, pulls them in her teeth and grabs her suspender straps and harness.  Angie pushes her ass out and forces Lauren to lick her ass through the sheer nylon of her panties.  She forces Lauren onto her hands and knees and fucks her with her strap on until Lauren is screaming in orgasm.  If you ever wanted to hear Angie get down and dirty, you can hear her command Lauren with some very dirty language.  This is not for the faint of heart but it is a great horny video for those who like it really hot and dirty.

Older Lady, Younger Woman Office Sex
Angie is stripped to her garter belt and stockings.  Lauren is wearing a garter belt and very sexy flowery brief panties.  They are on top of the office desk and Lauren seduces young Angie.  They kiss and cuddle and gently explore each other's breasts.  The kissing is deep and passionate.  It is amazing to see just how horny Lauren can make Angela with her tongue.  You can see Angie getting hornier and hornier as Lauren asks to eat her out lays her across the desk, spreads her stockinged legs wide and buries her head between Angela's sexy legs.  The close ups of the girl girl kissing are breathtaking and the sound is remarkable.  And when Lauren starts to tongue Angie's swollen clit, the camera takes you right up close and you can hear every lick.  The girl's get so carried away and they are just on the other side of a door that leads to another office.  You can even hear the sounds of other people just steps away.  This doesn't stop Lauren and Angie at all.  In fact knowing just how close they are to people going about their everyday business excites them.  Lauren goes to town on young Angie.  She furiously fingers her swollen pussy.  Lauren even twists Angie's rock hard nipples as she moans. She brings her to a smashing orgasm with her legs spread across the desk.  Angela is blown away by how good this older woman really can be.  For those who love to watch women kiss deeply and passionately and perform amazing oral sex, this movie is sheer bliss.

Nursie Strip Tease
Pretty 19 year old Liz is a Sexy Nurse.  Her white uniform is a little too tight and her underwear lines show through, but we don't mind.  She has such a pretty smile as she dances for us, lets us under her skirt and strips down to her stockings and suspenders.  She is such a flirt bouncing her boobies, lifting her dress, and shaking her bottom.  She is having so much fun dancing and stripping as we watch her show off.  Our Liz is a treat in her yellow garter belt and red panties and, of course, her sexy nurse's cap

You also get: Angie's Uniform and Girdle: Sexy soldier in vintage Girdle, red sheer panties, tan ff stockings, Angie the Lingerie Maid:  Black Bikini panties, quarter cup bra and garter belt, Angie the Sexy Cleaning Lady:  Sheer vintage hip hugger black and red panties, tan stockings, Angie's Briefs and Garter Belt:  White briefs, pink garter belt, topless with sexy tan lines, Angie's Girdle, Panty, and Titty Show:  High waisted vintage open bottom girdle, red nylon panties, Under Angie's Maid Skirt:  Shiny black bikini panties, slip, Under My Skirt:  Sheer Dress, black open bottom girdle, tan ff stockings, red see through vintage panties, Sit Under My Dress:  Sheer red vintage briefs, white garter belt, visible panty and garter belt lines.