A Very Public Striptease and Lingerie Flash, Julia and Angela

This is the most exciting public lingerie video you will ever see. You get to see what happens at an actual public panties photo shoot. Julia took me to a street festival up in Canada and we decided to do a take pictures right out in public....and filmed the whole thing. You have never seen two girls have so much fun in their underwear. Julia takes my picture (you can hear us talking to each other) while I strip from my way too short mini skirt right down to my black 50's bra, open bottom girdle, white sheer nylon briefs (that just show under my girdle) and ff stockings. You can see everyone watching. I then take Julia's picture as she lifts her skirt and poses as I direct. We then walk right out into the crowd and pose in the street. You don't know how exciting it is to be in lingerie with so many people watching. You see lots of men and women asking us to pose and take their own pictures (I bet you wish you had been there) I then get Julia to strip to her frilly fifties garter belt, sheer pink 50's briefs, ff stockings, and red fifties bra. Now we are both stripped to our underwear right out in a busy street. But it gets much hotter as we start to kiss and grope right out in public. We then walk off hand in hand into the crowd where we kiss passionately and again you can see the crowds all around us. People came up and talked to us, and we pose for some (both men and women). This video has the bravest public lingerie scenes you will ever see.