A Warm Day in the Park

As Reviewed in PantyPlay magazine. This is what they had to say about it:
This is another well done video by Julia. Julia is wearing a slinky summer dress outside for us this time around. Underneath she has on an open-bottom girdle with no panties on. What makes this video so utterly scandalous is that it was filmed outside with cars passing by. It was very obvious that at anytime someone could see what she was doing while driving by. Julia is standing by some bleachers and there are plenty of up-skirt shots. There are even some foot fetish moments for those who like that. Soon she puts on some white panties and walks up the bleachers all the while giving us wonderful up-skirt flashes. white on the bleachers Julia begins to play with herself. I have to say, watching this gave me such a naughty feeling knowing that any moment she could be discovered. She totally mesmerizes as she stuffs the panties up her wet love box. Every once in a while Julia will point out men walking by in the park. I found myself wishing I had been one of thos lucky men who got a glimpse of her sexy escapades. The next scene has her in an area surrounded by trees but anyone could see her if they had walked up so it was only semi secluded. She boldly removes her dress and is sitting on the grass in just her under things. Julia keeps the excitement going for us as she masturbates herself to climax in the little clearing. I can imagine how turned on she must have been at the thought of getting caught at any moment. The finale of the video has her peeing in the complete open. This was an amazingly exciting video. For anyone who has exhibitionist or voyeur fantasies or just loves outdoor videos, then run, don't walk to your nearing mailbox and order this one.