Abigail's Sexy Compilation Video Series 1

Church Lady to Slut, Introducing Abigail Fraser
Abi Fraser is an old friend of Lauren Afton from many years ago.  They taught school together back in the day.  Awhile ago, Abigail came upon Lauren's site on the internet and was shocked to say the least.   But apparently more than a little interested.  She looked up Lauren, they had a few drinks and the next thing you know, she is asking Lauren how to become "involved".  She has never done anything like this before, but when she reached fifty, she told Lauren she felt left out and really wanted to try everything at least once.  So Lauren asked Abi if she wanted to make a video.  She was very nervous as you can imagine, but agreed to jump in at the deep end.  This is the result.  Abigail is a bit modest in the beginning.  In fact she said all she wanted to do was lift her skirt and flash her panties and stockings.  You can see that she is hesitant.  But she does summon up the courage to lift her skirt and show off her very sexy white briefs, her stockings and garter belt.  She even pulls down her top and what a surprise.  Her boobies are enormous. She gets braver and pulls them out of her bra, much to our great delight.  But then the real test.  The largest, most powerful vibrator on the planet with a large dildo on it.  She said she wanted to go further, so this is it.  She takes off her white panties, hikes up her skirt and climbs on.  She turns on the controls, and you can hear how powerful this machine is.  Abigail's eyes get glassy and she begins to sweat.  Within minutes she has an orgasm.  A brilliant orgasm.  She grabs the controls, turns it down a bit, then winds it up again.  Another orgasm.  She is moaning and crying as she get completely out of control.  She has constant orgasms for ten minutes.  That could be some kind of world record.  You have to see it to believe it.  This mousey church lady has the best orgasm of her life.  Her hair is a mess, she is covered in sweat and her amazing expressions of ecstasy and agony tell the whole story.   She is becoming the slut she was afraid to be.  Before she did the film, she told us she had not had an orgasm for 15 years.  Well that has all changed and in ten minutes so has Abigail Fraser.  She started to rattle off all the things she wants to try and we were shocked that she had even heard of half of the rude things she wants to do.  She also wants to hear from you to let her know what you think of her very first ever adult video.  We want her back and think she is hooked on the Sybian vibrator.

The Church Lady and the Man in Stockings
Miss Abi
has invited a man over after the church social.  They are having tea and discussing the afternoon and the hot cross buns some of the ladies had made.  It seems Abi's male friend had been shopping with his wife for lingerie the day before.  Miss Abi is very curious about their purchases.  He is somewhat embarrassed as he tells her about buying garter belts and stockings.  Abi tells him how much she loves stockings and garter belts.  We wonder if he was really buying them for his wifeMiss Abi looks down and notices that he might be wearing stockings and asks him straight out.  He admits that he is wearing stockings.  She asks him if he would show her what else he is wearing.  He reluctantly obliges.   When he takes down his trousers, Abi sees his bikini panties, frilly garter belt and stockings.  She is very taken and turned on by his choice of underwear.  She gets down on her knees, in her tight, but proper shift dress, and begins to fondle and play with his panties and bottom.   In fact she even reaches inside his bikini panties and begins to play with his cock.  Abi asks if he would like to see what she is wearing.   He starts to masturbate as she begins her show.  She slowly lifts her dress to reveal her slip.  The camera goes right under her dress as she touches herself through her clothing and you can see her red nylon full cut brief panties, stocking tops and white garter belt.  Her friend, can't help himself and lays down under Abi as she shows off her lingerie until she gets so carried away, she pulls her sexy red panties aside then sits right on his erect cock.  She rides him like a bucking bronco as they have wild panty sexy.   He in his nylon bikini panties and stockings and she in her red nylon briefs.  Abi, the proper church lady goes wild as she orgasms in her panties.  He asks Miss Abi if she would like to wear his panties.   Abi is eager and they exchange panties and talk about how hot their lingerie is.  He notices that he is late and has to meet his wife.  Abi sends him on his way but not before asking him to come by for tea next week...and to wear a pair of black bikini panties.  Imagine how exciting that church social will be.

Lunchtime Upskirt Seduction
Abi is in a local park catching up on her reading.  She notices that a rough looking construction worker seems to be quite taken with her.   She allows her legs to part slightly and her loose white skirt rides up above her stocking tops.  The construction worker is very interested now.   She smiles and opens her legs until he can see her shiny leopard print panties and black garter belt.  She teases him further by opening her coat and pulling out her rather large breasts.  She smiles and they walk off toward the woods together chatting.  He knows what he wants and he gropes Abi's breast on the way into the woods.  When they are barely out of site, Abi fondles his cock through his coveralls.  He pulls down her top, opens her coat to expose her sexy white dress and before you know it, she is telling him how she wants to suck his cock, which she does, right outside on a public pathway.   He cums all over her face, and she doesn't even bother to clean it off as she leaves, jumps in her car, drives home and as soon as she gets in the door, Abi strips to her bra, panties, garter belt and stockings and changes her soaking leopard print panties for a pair of purple nylon full cut briefs.

Libby's Bedtime Fantasy
Pretty Libby has fallen asleep in her red nylon full slip, black seamed stockings, the sexiest vintage sheer black vintage hip hugger bikini panties with fuschia trim, vintage garter belt and a very sexy bra that pushes up her enormous titties.  You can see her sheer black panties on her shapely bottom peeking out from under her slip as she curls up on her bed.  She is dreaming about being groped and touched by an unknown stranger. As she lies there, her dream becomes a reality as an anonymous man begins to feel her panties, play with her stockings as she shifts on the bed in her reverie.  He feels her huge boobs and slides them out of her brassiere.   He puts his hands in her panties and feels her bottom and rubs his hands all over her sexy nylons.  Libby's long legs fall open and the stranger pulls her panties away from her pussy and begins to stroke her clit as you watch from the foot of her bed.  She is obviously enjoying the attention as she sleepsHe is enjoying all of Libby's shapely body and sexy lingerieYou will feel like you are the stranger as you watch his fingers roam across her boobs and panties.  Libby, still asleep, reaches under her pillow and pulls out a long silver vibrator, and gently massages her pussy.  As she gets more excited in her sleep, she slides it deep in her pussy and masturbates as you watch, right between her spread legs. Her sexy nylons and panties are so close you could lick them.   She slowly brings herself to orgasm and as she slides the vibrator out of her swollen pussy, you can see her cum coating the silver shaft.   Libby drifts off again as the stranger rearranges her panties across her bottom and leaves her bedroom.

Bound and Gagged
Miss Abi is bound and gagged
on a staircase in her black stockings, thigh high black leather boots, black garter belt and black leather and chain mail bra.  She is blindfolded with a ball gag in her mouth.  A man who obviously enjoys her situation is going down on her.  She is struggling as he licks harder.  Her tits look amazing in this sexy bra.   He cuts the binds that tie her and turns her over and spanks her pantied bottom.  You can see just how red it becomes before he slides four fingers deep in her ass.  She is being driven wild with pleasure and loses control as he pulls his finger out and puts them straight into her mouth and she licks them with great delight.  Abi can be such a dirty girl.