Angie and Lauren get very Drunk

What an afternoon it was.  An older woman getting drunk with a younger woman.  And wait until you see what happens.  Angie had invented this great drink called  The Dirty Girl and didn't Lauren just loved it.  The whole idea was to loosen up with a little drinky poo and the girls just got totally carried awayStinkered drunk.  You can watch as they get progressively drunker as the video goes on.  They start out quite prim and proper, fully dressed and sampling the alcohol.  But after lots and lots of kissing the two girls not only get drunk but very, very hornyLauren gets Angela undressed to her bright red bikini panties and stockings.  They kiss deeply and play with each other's very erect nipples. Lauren seems to be the most intoxicated and forgets she is making a video and starts to tempt the horny photographer who is behind the camera and drunk as well.  The whole lot is getting hammered. Lauren goes down on Angela as only Lauren can and Angie is in outer space as Lauren's magical tongue goes to town on Angie's very swollen pussy.  Then out comes the heavy weapons.  First Lauren saddles up in a strap on over her open bottom girdle and fucks Angie doggie style  and pounds away at her until Angie is moaning and cumming.

Then the double dildoLauren lubes it up and they are now both so drunk, they can hardly get it in.   Both girls pull their panties to the side and push the dildo up their pussies in, bottom to bottom.  This is funny and sexy at the same time because of their advanced state of intoxication. But Lauren needs to bring out her special vibrator when she is this horny, and as Angela sucks her titties and her huge clitoris is fully erect, she sprays and cums and cums and cums. The girls are legless now and just kiss passionately as the video ends.  A little secret.  After the shoot, both girls blew the horny photographer until he came all over theirs stockings but he refused to be filmed because he was so drunk.