Car Trouble

This video was requested by one of my viewers and I went much further than he hoped. My car breaks down, so I decide to walk home. But it is hot so I remove my strappy shoes and walk through the park in my stocking feet. I am wearing a business suit with a mini skirt that doesn't cover my stocking tops and the bottom of my black garter belt. As I walk, you see great close ups of my RHT stockings on pavement, in the mud, on grass, and I lift my skirt right outside as the camera follows looking down at my transparent bikini briefs that you can see my garter belt clearly through as they wrinkle and move with my bottom as I walk. I sit and rub my feet and you see some really good upskirts as I cross my legs and good close ups of my stockinged feet. Imagine if you saw a girl walking through the park, showing off her stocking tops and lifting her skirt just so you could see her panties and garter belt. That is what this video is all about.