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You won't believe these two proper girls in their proper dresses sitting on the couch talking about wearing girdles. Judy mentions that she knew a man was looking at her bottom and swears he knew she was wearing a girdle. Abi Fraser is surprised but wants to see it. Both their legs are crossed with their stocking tops peeking out. Judy hikes up her dress to show Abi her black open bottom girdle with the flowery panel. Abi tells Judy that she too is wearing a girdle a lifts her dress all the way up to show off her pink open bottom girdle and as she does, you are under her dress looking directly up at her girdle and pink patterned bikini briefs.
The girls talk about their girdles and how excited they get wearing panties and girdles. Abi does a slow and teasing sixties style striptease and poses in her girdle, brassiere, stockings and panties for lucky Judy who puts her sharp toe on Abi's panties while you look up her dress at her black panties and girdle. This is so hot. Abi gets carried away and pulls sexy Judy's panties to the side and eats her out, still in her girdle.
Judy returns the striptease favor and wait till you see her sexy bottom in her tight, black girdle. You can clearly see her black hip hugger bikini panties through the stretched nylon of her girdle as it tugs at her stocking tops. And there are lots of great horny, horny ass in panties and girdle dancing scenes. Close up as well. More sleazy dirty sixties striptease from Judy as she shows off her titties in her bra. Judy goes down on Abi, both girls still in sexy panties before she sits on Abi's face and smother her with her nylon panties and girdle. These two sleazy tarts finish each other off in a girdle, panties, bra, stockings and heels sixty nine.

Inside the Dirty Mind of Abigail Fraser

Miss Abigail Fraser has a very dirty mind. Its hard to believe that such a proper "nice" lady is such a perv. This movie has captured the essence of Miss Fraser when she is alone masturbating. This is her fantasy. This is her perversion. This is the real Abi Fraser. It seems that poor Abigail is having a problem cumming. She is looking at dirty pictures with her skirt up, masturbating in her full bottom panties and stockings. She is fantasizing about a sexy nurse in a white uniform, cap, and black panties, stockings, garter belt and bra. Miss Fraser has a serious underwear fetish. You watch as she drifts off and the sexy nurse (DirtyAngie) dances for her. You watch in fascination as she sways her sexy black pantied bottom in her garter belt and stockings in front of you. Miss Fraser is trying hard to cum, but is still having problems. As she drifts into her fantasy world, the sexy nurse, Nurse Tongue, attempts to treat Miss Fraser's "little problem". She tries all her tricks...starting with dancing over Abi, so she is under her skirt...and you get to see what she sees up Nurse Tongue's sexy nurse skirt. Abi then tries fisting herself and jams all her fingers into her pussy with her panties pulled aside. Still no luck. Nurse Tongue tries licking her until her clit is hard and swollen and her pussy soaking. Then she makes Abi strip and you see her sexy white panties, her sexy legs and her huge boobs in her push up bra. Still no luck. They kiss and feel each other up, but poor Miss Fraser is still unable to orgasm. You experience her fantasies along with Abi and enjoy an insight into a sexy lady's seriously dirty thoughts. This film is seriously sexy and since you have noticed that Nurse Tongue has also brought a baseball bat, you can only imagine what Abi is really thinking. The second chapter of Abi's sexy secrets leaves you no doubt.
Miss Abigail Fraser has a very dirty mind. Its hard to believe that such a proper "nice" lady is such a perv. This movie has captured the essence of Miss Fraser when she is alone masturbating. This is her fantasy. This is her perversion. This is the real Abi Fraser. And this is the second part of this esoteric look into the mind of a very sexy lady. In the first part, Miss Fraser is fantasizing that Nurse Tongue (DirtyAngie) is doing her best to make her cum. The sexy nurse in black lingerie tries so hard, but without success and now its time to break out the heavy artillery in her little bag of tricks. She uses vibrators, big dildos all with sexy Miss Fraser's stockinged legs spread wide and her huge boobs spilling out of her bra. She comes so close but can't quite get there. You are transported back and forth between Miss Fraser's fantasy world and her reality as she masturbates. The amazing Nurse Tongue now goes to work on stretching Abi's pussy wide with a baseball bat and Abigail is so horny now with her pussy full, and Nurse Tongue ramming the bat in and out of her pussy that she almost cums...but not quite. Now the horny nurse gives it her last best shot. She curls up her fingers and slides her whole hand up Abigail's pussy, past her wrist. That does the trick. When you see Abi orgasm, you will see how well it worked. She is flushed, vibrating and screaming in pain/delight. She cums and cums and cums and when it is over, she tells Nurse Tongue that this was the most intense orgasm she ever had...as if it wasn't obvious. But it was all a fantasy and it takes a moment for it to dawn on Miss Fraser that Nurse Tongue was all in her mind. This video will rock any serious nylon and panty perv's world.

Good Old Fashioned Real Striptease

Remember when girls would put on a show with lingerie and enjoy their work? Before the days of poll dancing, g-strings, and every girlie bar had a cheap neon sign that flashed "Girls, Girls, Girls". Abigail Fraser appreciates what striptease is all about. With an emphasis on tease. She is a secretary in an office wearing a sexy top, jacket and pleated skirt and she shows off her black seamed stockings and heels. She teases by standing over you so you can look up at her pink panties and stocking tops. She dances seductively and slowly lifts her skirt, across the tops of her stockings, her pink garter straps, to reveal her very sexy, sheer full cut briefs with flowery appliquй on the front over her matching wide garter belt. This alone is too sexy for words, but when she opens her top to reveal her sheer full cup bra, you can see her tasseled black pasties on her huge titties through the sheer nylon of her bra. She teases you by unhooking her bra, then tosses it at you and shows off her pasties and tassels. She spins them as she bounces her boobs and shows off her panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels. She bends over to make sure you get a good look at her hot, sheer, pink full bottom briefs as she wiggles her sexy bottom and lets her titties hang. This girl understands striptease and it is so hard to find girls that do. This video is a real treasure.