DirtyAngie, Stocking Lesbian

 Angie and Serena Make Their Own Dirty Movie

Angie and Serena wanted to make a video.  They tossed out the horny photographer and took over the camera.  As you know, Angie just loves her garter belt, panties and stockings and loves to talk about them.  Both sexy girls are wearing very, very short skirts and stockings. They show off their stockings and play with their panties, while they talk to you.   Angie points at you and demands that you jerk off as you watch them play with toys, have oral sex in their panties with their skirts hiked up.    Serena encourages you to cum as well and both girls get into their toys with their stocking legs spread to entice you.  They take turns manning the camera, and you can watch two very horny stocking girls get very busy with each other.  Angie loves to talk dirty and she has lots of fun talking about their most private parts in a most public and rude way.  It is just so sexy to hear Angie say cunt as she tells you to jerk off.  This movie is made by girls to make themselves as horny as you are watching them.  It is so hot to see what girls really like when left to their own devices.

Angie and Serena, Lesbian Panty, Stocking, and Dildo Sex in the Afternoon

Serena is lying back in bed with her stockinged legs spread and her sexy shiny stilettos. Angie has her face buried in Serena's sexy panties. Angie is wearing big nylon bikini briefs, sheer bottom and lacy front, tan ff stockings, and a full cup bra. Serena is wearing blue bikini panties, wide white garter belt, stockings and a full cup bra. All vintage style sexy underwear. And this is sexy lingerie lesbian sex at its sexiest. You will see lots of panty close ups, kissing, licking and watch as Serena discovers a huge black dildo in DirtyAngie's panties. She masturbates it like a penis, sucks it like a penis, and then gets fucked like it's a penis. Angie spreads her legs wide, to show off this amazing dildo. There are not straps, it fits in her pussy and looks like a dick. And when she fucks Serena she does it with the passion of a man, and both girls are still in their stockings. So if you like lots of girl girl passion, sexy lingerie close ups and angles, penetration and girls kissing in their bras and panties, then you will love this video. Remember, lingerie is what we are all about at Stocking Videos. You will never feel short changed for panty and stocking pictures. We love panties, stockings, garter belts, bras and looking up skirts. Just like you.

DirtyAngie and Alex, Nylon Sluts Finally....Dick

Two sexy girls in short, short skirts...in fact so short you can see their stocking tops and garter straps. Alex is visiting DirtyAngie and the girls talk about dressing up in their sexy clothes and they are sexy. They show off their pantylines through their skirts, they hike up their skirts to show off their shiny panties and that’s when you see that they are each wearing two pairs of bikini panties over their garter belts. Pantylines under panties and that is a panty lovers dream. You will see lots of girl girl kissing, an amazing display of panties and stockings, vibrators over their hot panties, pussy grinding in panties and stockings, anal play, panty play and two girls with their legs spread, panties pulled down masturbating. Just the way you like them. But these are horny women and they want more. Angie has an idea. She gets on the phone and calls Dick Rockhard, male prostitute. Now both girls are hot, horny, excited and waiting for the arrival of Dick. But they have to prepare themselves and what is more fun than a double dildo session, back to back. Whew!
DirtyAngie and her friend Alex are in for an afternoon of hot lesbian panty and nylon sex and need more.  So they have called Dick Rockhard, male prostitute to spice things up in a wild threesome.  And it does get wild.  These two horny panty sluts are going to get their money's worth.  They both suck on his hard rod at the same time in a double blow job, still in their skirts and stockings.   They take turns deep throating the lucky bastard, then he fucks both of them.  But DirtyAngie has a dirty plan.  She shoves a dildo in her pussy and fucks Alex in the pussy while Dick rams his cock deep in Alex's asshole.  Alex is getting double fucked, both holes filled to the max.   This girl is amazing because she just loves full double penetration and cums hard.  Then Dick takes his dick out of Alex's ass and cums over the girl's eager faces.  Angie and Alex are both such cumsluts.   On his way out, Dick tells the girls to send him a check.  Angie says that is the best 200 bucks she has ever spent, the girls kiss and cuddle, finally satisfied