Julia and Angela Play Dress Up

My very first girl - girl video. And it is so hot. My new friend Angela (she’s only 20 and my former student) comes by. She is wearing a very elegant red business suit and underneath a white slip, black panty hose, white cotton bikini panties and a red push up bra. I am wearing a white blouse and pencil skirt

We rummage through my lingerie drawer and she picks some very hot lingerie to wear. Angela has never worn stockings before. In fact there are a few firsts for her. She has never been filmed, never been with a girl, and never worn a girdle. She changes into some great see through bikini panties (she is shaved), struggles into a girdle (you hear me instruct her on how to wear her panties under the girdle and how to put on stockings). It all ends up with us both playing with my plug in vibrator. She is too nervous to have an orgasm, but I get carried away and do. This video is very real - nothing is staged. It is very apparent that both Angela and I are very nervous, but there are lots of very real necking scenes and lots of great sexy talk. First times captured on video can never happen again. This is truly a must have.