Lauren and Angela: The Secretary, The Bride and The Housewife

I have tried to include three of my most popular requests into one video. Lauren is visiting dressed in the most fabulous fifties dress.  So proper but so naughty when you see what she is wearing underneath.  I am wearing a very elegant red secretarial business suit.  We chat, and Lauren who is so much more experienced than I (she is more than twice my age) tells me a story about a trip to Hedonism in Jamaica.  She met an older, very cultured man who obviously fancied her and then brought his son along as well….but you can hear Lauren tell the whole story. It is soooo sexy.  Lauren starts to unbutton my smart blazer and the next thing you know we are kissing passionately. You can watch us for some time and in great detail. She licks my ff stockinged feet and you get a very close look at my toe cleavage and sole. I take Lauren by surprise and do a striptease for her. She sits on the kitchen counter, and you can see her panties and girdle, as I slide out of my blazer, then my blouse and I fold the cups of my strapless bra under and Lauren can’t contain herself and kisses my nipples.  I continue and off comes my skirt.  Now you get a really good panty show in my black eight strap garterbelt and black nylon bikini panties.  Lauren can’t keep her hands off of her pussy as she hikes up her skirt, pulls her panties to the side and plays with her clitoris which is huge and swollenI strip completely naked and perch with my legs spread on the stove and we both masturbate as we look at each other.  Now the big surprise.  I go and get a real wedding dress, veil, open bottom girdle and stockings.  Watch as I struggle into the very tight fitting girdle and Lauren slides my stockings lovingly up my leg and hooks up the garters. Then we kiss some more and rub our girdles together as we do.  We turn around and rub our girdled bottoms as well.  The sound is very exciting.  When I have the dress on, veil and all, Lauren crawls under the full skirtYou are there right with her under my dress to watch as she licks me to an orgasm standing up in the middle of the kitchen.  She is now wearing only her girdle, panties and stockings as she lies back on the counter and I go down on her still in my wedding dress.  She is now getting out of control and produces a vibrator which she puts right on her enormous clit.  It takes no time at all and she has a screaming Lauren orgasm where she cums in buckets.  You are in so close to see cum pouring out of her, making a puddle on the counter and dripping onto the floor.  You have never seen orgasms like Lauren has.  It was an amazing afternoon of girl sex in the kitchen.  Wow!