Lauren and Tiffiny Girdle and Garter Sex

This is Julia. Lauren asked me to write this for her because she gets too horny every time she tries to write a description of this video.I can’t say as I blame her. Tiffiny is a schoolgirl who has been very naughty. It seems she has let all the boys look up her kilt at her stockings, suspenders and panties. Her teacher Lauren has something to say about that and brings Tiff to her bedroom. Because she has been just so naughty, Lauren makes her lift her kilt and she spanks her with a real cane. Tiff’s leopard skin panties are shown to their full advantage. As further punishment, Ms. Afton makes Tiffiny strip to her lingerie and well they both get very carried away. Tiff undresses Lauren to her stockings and open bottom girdle. There is lots of kissing, some just amazing 69 oral sex and face sitting, and then Lauren pleasures Tiff to the extreme with a huge dildo. You will not believe Tiff when she cums. Her thighs just quiver. Then Lauren shows Tiff a thing or two. She brings out her favorite vibrator and plays with herself until she has the most amazing orgasm ever recorded on video. As you all know, Lauren sprays when she cums, but Tiff has made her so damn horny she is like a fountain shooting at least a foot straight up. Wow!!!! You have to see it to believe it. And the technical quality is amazing. Shot on one of the best video cameras around (betacam) it is bright, clear, sharp and a pleasure to watch. And the sound……my God you can hear everything. The kissing, the licking, the penetration and of course all the conversation between these extremely horny girls. As soon as you see this video you will understand how real these orgasms are and how much these girls enjoy each other. Girdle and garter belt videos don’t get any better than this.