Lauren's Fantasy Drive

I am off to the mall to go panty shopping. You catch up with me in the parking lot after I have just bought a pair of black Vanity Fair briefs. You can follow me to the Mercedes and peek up my skirt at shiny shocking pink briefs as I climb in. I am talking right to you as I unwrap my panties and hold them up to the camera for you to see.  And you know I will be changing into them later. Off we go driving as you watch my stockinged legs pushing the pedals and I even hike my skirt up and open my blouse as we are driving down the street. But oh my God I have to pee. I find a place just off the road and I hike up my skirt and pee right beside the car as you watch me. I am talking to you the whole time so you know how I am feeling. Then, right outside, I do a striptease for you and change into my new panties. I pull out my favorite pocket rocket, climb into the back seat and pull those new Vanity Fair briefs to the side and start to use this amazing vibrator. You can watch as my rather large clitoris gets huge and swollen And you can listen as I get so horny right outside in the car. Then I have the most tremendous orgasm and you can see me spray at least three feet in the air as I have an earth shattering orgasm....and then I do it again. I am talking to you all the way through this video. Now, I move to the front, still too horny for words. You can watch as I prepare the big Mercedes gear shift and climb right on it. Wow, this is really exciting but then I notice someone is watching and this man comes right out of the trees and masturbates right in front of me as I am ridingthe gearshift. He reaches over and smacks my bottom and I know what he wants. I climb over to him and he puts his cock right in my mouth and I give him just the rudest hottest blow job with my panties wrapped around his cock and you can see it all.  He cums right in my mouth and disappears off into the forest, never to bee seen again.  I walk off in my garter belt and stockings, change my panties and show off for you outside just dressed in lingerie. I get back behind the wheel and drive off in my underwear. Whew!!!!! What a video.