Lauren's Sexy Compilation Video Series 1

I have done so many wonderfully sexy short video clips and longer ones as well.  It was a shame for so many only to see them streamed on my site or maybe never to have seen them at all.  So here is my very first ever compilation in bright television quality with wonderful sound so you can hear me speak and hear all the rustling of my nylons with the snap of my garters and maybe even the rustle of pvc.  I have listed the entire contents of this nearly 58  minute video.  There is such a variety of sexy scenes and clothing that I am sure you will be amused for hours.

Alone With Lauren
Please join me in my living room.  We are all alone and I am very horny. Just see what I can do when I tease my clit to full erection and masturbate with a rather large vegetable.
Cum With Lauren
Watch me masturbate, topless, in my panties and tell you all about what I am feeling as you see my clit swell and my pussy get soaked
Lauren's Double Penetration
Ah the wonderful feeling of my fingers in both my holes four in my pussy and two well you guess. I can be such a naughty girl
Lauren's Golden Girdle
This is very vintage.  You just can't find sexy open bottom girdles and stockings like this today and I talk directly to you and tell you how horny I am.
Lauren in Pantyhose and Stockings     
Imagine Pantyhose and Stocking and panties all at the same time and a PVC raincoat with Jack Off Commands..whew
Lauren's Virgin Butt
Well I did it..you know where with a hairbrush
The Masters Bed Chambers
When the master is out, what is the poor maid servant supposed to do?  Maybe I could flash my red knickers and stocking tops.  What do you think?
Younger Woman, Older Woman Angie Goes Down on Lauren
Angie is getting so good between my legs and wait until you see how huge my clit gets at the end of her tongue.  She is so sexy in her stockings and suspenders.  Did I mention my girdle?
Outdoor Masturbation With Lauren Part One
Welcome to the great outdoors, come up close and watch me masturbate in my girdle..right outside while I give you jack off commands and we can cum together.  Now that is very horny.
Outdoor Masturbation With Lauren Part two
The extremely exciting and very vocal second part not to be missed as we explode together.