Lauren's sexy short videos, Series 2

When You Gotta go, You Gotta Go
Lauren is in a real pickle, she barely makes it to the bathroom, in fact she is so desperate, she can't even get her panties off.
Railway Relief
Lauren is posing outside in her red panties, stockings, red bra and sexy girdle, when nature calls and she lets it all go right through her panties on the railway track, in broad daylight.
Lauren's Sexy Jerk Off Commands
Lauren talks to you as she lays back with her stockinged legs spread and masturbates.  She encourages you to masturbate with her until you both cum together.
Rooftop Girdle Show
Lauren is outside, flipping up her skirt, showing off her girdle, stockings and panties for anyone who cares to look and she even pulls out her boobs from her sexy vintage brassiere.
Lauren the Sexy Secretary...Watch Me Spray
I have always wanted to do this.  I kicked out the horny photographer, and set up the video camera, and filmed myself.  This video is too horny for words.  I am dressed in red panties, a red bra and very sexy yellow girdle. I am on top of my desk with my legs spread and I masturbate while you watch.  When I get really, really horny I love to talk and I talk through the whole video.  As I get hornier and hornier in my stockings with my legs spread, knowing you are right between them with your wet cock in your hand, I instruct you to masturbate with me.  I tell you how I feel as I command you to stroke your beautiful cock.  And we are all alone, just you and I.  My clit gets so swollen and I am sure we could cum at any time, but I won't let you.  We need to get hornier if that is possible.  I know you are looking at my titties and my wet, wet pussy and that just drives me to new heights as we are both masturbating furiously.  Then I pull out the big gun my big plug in vibrator.  I call it Rambo.  Then it doesn't take long as we have an earth shattering orgasm together.  When I cum I spray a huge amount straight at the camera..and I do mean spray.  It is like a fountain.  Just knowing you are spraying all over yourself at the same time makes me cum again and again.
Have video sex with Lauren
Lauren is home from work and horny as hell because she caught a guy looking up her dress as she bent over the water cooler.  She jumps onto the bed and you can see her shiny panties and stocking tops as her legs open.  She pulls up her dress and starts to rub her pussy through her shiny paisley bikini panties while she is talking to you.  She tells you how wet she is and how horny she is and tells you to take your cock in your hand and jerk off with her.  She will encourage you through the whole video.  She pulls her panties to the side and tickles her clit until it is rock hard, enormous and dripping wet.  Then Lauren tells you she wants to do something just for you.  She gets on her hands and knees and shows off her girdled bottom as she pulls her panties to the side and puts her finger right in her ass.  Not only one, but  two fingers and she is telling you exactly how it feels.  If you aren't ready to explode by now, you soon will be but she tells you that you can't cum just yet.  She has her fingers working her ass and pussy now and is in complete ecstasy and she rolls back over, her stockinged legs spread wide, her panties pulled to the side and she brings out a stocking covered vibrator.  She tells you to jerk off harder now, because she can barely control herself when she cums all over the nylon of the vibrator.  She sprays a huge fountain all over the pile of lingerie she is lying on and screams for you to cum now.  Her pussy is so swollen and you will feel like you just had your cock buried deep in her inviting pussy.