Miss Abi's Stocking and Panty Fantasy

Miss Fraser, it seems, has run out of sugar for her tea.  She telephones her neighbor Jimmy asking to borrow a cup of sugar.  Jimmy gladly obliges and stops by for a cup of tea as well.  Jimmy is a fine young man just turned 20 with a young wife, but has always had an eye for Abi who is more than twice his age.  Quite a bit more.  Abi is wearing a very modest below the knee housewife dress. They chat as they drink their tea, and when Abi leaves to pour a second cup, Jimmy cant believe his eyes.  She turns and her dress has disappeared.  She is standing, holding the teapot, dressed only in her bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings.  He rubs his eyes and low and behold, she is wearing a new change of totally sexy stockings, panties, and garter belt and it happens again.  It is all too much for young Jimmy who closes his eyes and drifts off, dreaming.  And what dreams he has.

Abi is dancing for him in a white skirt and her black panties and garter belt show through and her black bra is clearly visible through her sheer top.  She dances on his lap and he gropes her bottom.  Abi hikes up her skirt and Jimmy plays with her very sexy black bikini panties.  She strips down to her lingerie. Jimmy can barely believe his good fortune, but then is shocked when his quiet neighbor produces a baseball bat, spreads her legs in front of him and masturbates for him with the baseball bat buried deep in her swollen pussy.   Then prim Miss Abi takes out Jimmy's rather large cock and slides it all the way down to the back of her throat.  Modest Miss Abi is a world class blow job girl.

His reverie continues and he is in her bedroom with his face buried between her stockinged legs, playing with her shiny navy blue bikini panties and her hot pink brassiere.  Her enormous boobies are pulled out of her bra cups and she turns the tables on Jimmy and sits on his face, nearly smothering him in her passion. 

Jimmy drifts off again and he now finds himself in a full sixty-nine with lecherous Miss Abi.  Now she is wearing a white, sheer open bottom girdle, black ff stockings with red seams, and an aquamarine push up bra. Jimmy can't help himself and he pushes his fingers in her ass.  Abi goes wild with passion and sucks wildly on his erect young cock.  This is the ultimate fantasy for Jimmy.  How many nights has he played with himself, dreaming about this moment?

Miss Abi is now dressed in sheer hip hugger flowery vintage bikini panties, black stockings , a maroon garter belt and sexy black bra.  The room is getting steamy, the music is pounding and Jimmy rips her panties off her and pushes his fingers in her ass.  She goes wild for this anal pleasure and Jimmy, beside himself, buries his huge to the hilt in Abi's tight assAnal sex is what rocks this church lady's world.  Jimmy turns her over and continues to fuck her in her pussy until she cums wildly.  They both masturbate together until Jimmy cums in his condom.  She opens her mouth and Jimmy drips his white cum on her face.  Abi grabs the condom and slides it on her tongue until the whole thing is in her mouth as she greedily licks all the cum out of it and rubs it on her face.  You have never seen a woman who enjoys cum as much as Miss Abi.  But then reality strikes.  We are back in the kitchen and Abi is shaking young Jimmy awake.  He is shocked but horny as a toad.  He jumps up, with his hands between his legs, makes his apologize and rushes home to...well I think we can guess.  Meanwhile, Miss Abi turns to the camera dressed in her church lady dress, with a wicked, all knowing grin and we wonder just what really happened.