Older Stewardess, Younger Stewardess Flight Attendant Uniform Sex

It was a long, long flight and when they arrived the hotel only had one room available and Lauren and Angela had to share a room with a king size bed.  Lauren is the older, experienced stewardess, and Angie has only been flying awhile.  They sit on the bed and Lauren begins to massage Angie's feet and toes.  She glances up her skirt and notices she is wearing pantyhose.  Angie explains that half way through the flight, she snagged her stockings and all she had were pantyhoseLauren opens her little suitcase and offers Angela a selection of garter belts, stockings and panties.  Angela lifts her skirt and shows off her amazing bottom with her blue satin bikini panties under her tight patterned hose.  Lauren pulls off Angela's hose and panties and begins to change her into the purple briefs and blue garter belt from her case.  Angela falls back on the bed and Lauren begins to perform her oral magic on her.  But then Angela wants to strip as Lauren watches her.  This is a very sexy dance as she reveals her blue nylon full slip and her panty lines are very visible.  The camera goes right under her slip so you get a great view of her stocking tops and panties, and then she shows off her quarter cup bra that pushes her titties right out.  You can see right up Lauren's skirt now, and she is wearing stockings and a girdle and the roles reverse as Lauren strips for Angela.

The girls kiss and suck each other nipples still in their bras, and then Lauren begins some serious oral sex on Angie, who is still in her stockings, suspenders and sexy brassiere.  The sound is amazing and it goes on for such a long time.  You can hear all the licking and moaning clearly.  And this is real.  You can see there is no fake Hollywood anything going on here as Lauren licks and rams her fingers in and out of Angela's swollen pussy.  If you want to see what women really do together this is it. Angela has a truly satisfying orgasm and then it is Lauren's turnAngela starts to play with Lauren's rock hard huge clit and she is so gentle as she licks and strokes it as it quivers to her touch.  Lauren is dripping as Angie also gropes her girdle and stockings.  Lauren is soooooo horny, she pulls out her secret weapon:  a huge plug in vibrator.  Then as Angie caresses her nyloned feet and sucks her toes, she cums and cums and her cum just pours right out of her and soaks her girdle and the bed.  The two exhausted stews cuddle, kiss and fall asleep, completely satisfied and happy.