Panty Girdle Video

This video has been made by overwhelming demand. I was very surprised to find how many of you have a passion for long leg panty girdles. It has been my number one request and, of course, pleasure. If you have read my stories page, you will know how much this garment means to me. It was very exciting to shoot. The video opens in a park where I sit on a bench and let you glimpse up my skirt. But I get bolder and bolder to the point that I lift my skirt completely up in public. I have never done anything like that before. There is another scene of my squatting and the camera is very, very close indeed. Then I stand right over the camera. I then move inside and do a striptease from my very straight blouse and skirt to my panty girdle and bra. Here there are some long lingering extreme close ups of lace and panty elastic, metal garters encased in nylon and wrinkly ff stockings. I then put on another pair of panties over my panty girdle, get dressed again and let you look up my skirt at the black brief panties over the girdle. I also talk a lot describing what I am doing and feeling as well as the sounds of swooshing and snapping nylon. Whew, this video is soooo hot!!!!