Pantyhose and Garterbelt Sex

This is my first video for my new site. My ex teacher Julia convinces me to have sex with her wearing my 70's shift micro dress, white pantyhose over black briefs, garter belt and stockings. She is wearing a very straight pleated green skirt suit with garter belt and stockings. This video was so exciting to make. Julia rips my pantyhose at the crotch, goes down on me, forces me into a strap on dildo and then ties me to a chair where she proceeds to have sex with me with her white briefs still on. She then unties me, and while I am still wearing the strap on dildo, puts another inside me and brings me to an orgasm with a vibrator. This video is very real (no fake moans and groans), we are both obviously very horny and our orgasms are real. Caution: This video is only for those who have a passion for real girl girl sex with panties, garters, stockings and striptease.