Sex With Elli in the Laundry Room

Before I describe this movie I have to tell you.  The sound is amazing.  You can hear our nylons rubbing and clothes sliding off and when we have sex, it is all just so clear.  Really high quality.  Elli and I are downstairs in the laundry room and I am showing her some of my underwear.  We are both wearing fabulous fifties dresses with half slips.  I have on the most amazing zebra stripe open bottom girdle, transparent yellow fifties briefs with frilly legs, ff stockings and a really nice bullet bra with lacy cups.  Elli has on a bright red garter belt with fully fashioned stockings, bright pink satin bikini briefs and a hot pink platform cup bra that really pushes out her amazing breasts.  I show her some of my underwear from the dryer.  She hikes up her skirt and holds my panties over hers, takes a brassiere and puts it on top of her dress.  All this underwear is making us both very horny.

I can see right up her dress as I caress Elli's stockinged leg and I feel all the wrinkles in her nylons.  Then we kiss long and deeply and undress each other.  There is lots of breast kissing and fondling as well as striptease and groping.  I bring out a really big strap on and you should see the expression on Elli's face. I get her to sit on the washer and open her legs as I go down on her and she gets so wet.  I slide the strap on dildo right up inside her and she goes wild but then I get to play with her from behind as her enormous breasts are swinging wildly.  We change positions as Elli put on the dildo, goes down on me then fucks me silly with the strap on.  We both had the most amazing orgasms that day. Girls just gotta have fun.