Sexy Julia - A Collection of Sexy Videos

Julia's Panty Dance
You have caught Julia ironing her favorite panties.  She is wearing a sexy summery short flirty dress and sexy black stockings, with a bit of a surprise.  Under her very hot navy blue bikini panties, she is wearing a pale yellow garter belt and very sheer white pantyhose over her garter belt and stockings.  She dances inches above you, lifts her short dress, and slides out of her panties.  Sexy Julia dances in her garter belt and stockings under her pantyhose directly over you.  Then she bends over, her skirt rides up to reveal her bottom encased in white nylon.  Julia lets her skirt drop, and puts on a pair of red bikini panties over her pantyhose and garter belt and dances directly over you and shows off her new panties.  She hikes up her dress again, and steps into a pair of shiny leopard print bikini panties, over her red panties.   She dances in two pairs of panties for you and flirts with both pairs, stretching them and playing with them.  Julia strips out of her dress and you can enjoy her lingerie show to the fullest in her sexy bra, leopard print panties, red bikini panties, white pantyhose over her garter belt and stockings.   A nylon fantasy come true.

Julia's Panty Dance Part 2...That Damn Horny Photographer Again
Julia's sexy panty dance continues.   She is wearing two pairs of panties over her pantyhose, garter belt and stockings.  Then the Horny Photographer gets too horny to shoot.   The sight of all that sexy nylon and all of Julia's sexy panties has taken its toll.  He demands that Julia dance just for him.  He gropes her panties and stockings then pulls out his cock and sticks it in her panties and masturbates.  He makes Julia get down on her knees and suck his cock or he will down his tools and refuse to take any more pictures.  Julia obliges and takes his cock deep in her throat.  He rips her pantyhose and sticks his cock in her pussy as he plays with her panties and garter belt.   Julia takes her sexy blue bikini panties and masturbates him and sucks his cock wrapped in her panties until he cums in her open mouth and on her face.   Satiated, the Horny Photographer gets back behind the camera as Julia spreads her stockinged legs, pulls both her panties aside and masturbates with her vibrator….cum still fresh on her face…until she cums in her panties.  It seems that both Julia and the Horny Photographer had their wicked way at this session.

Miss Julia the Naughty Teacher
Miss Julia the naughty teacher is perched on a school desk, cane in hand wearing a business suit with a very tight, short pencil skirt.  She crosses and uncrosses her legs and her skirt rides above her stocking tops.  You are in her class and she will demonstrate how sexy stockings and panties can be.  You can see right up her skirt and peek at her panties as you wonder just what she is wearing and what she will allow you to see. She begins to dance and Julia bends over and her garter belt and panty lines are clearly visible but then she allows you to lie on the floor and look up as she dances over you giving you a full view of her panties and stocking tops from below. Julia is always looking at you as she teasingly hikes up her skirt and her stocking tops and panties come into view.  Again she stands above you with her skirt hitched all the way up and you are treated to an excellent sheer panty, stocking and garter belt show just above you and so close you can watch the sheer pale green nylon panties wrinkle as Julia sways to the sexy music.  Miss Julia strips slowly out of her teacher suit to her shiny nylon slip.  You can see the outline of all of her lingerie through her sexy slip.  She plays with her slip, lifting and flirting before it comes off and Julia is dancing for you in her garter belt, stockings, heels, panties, and brassiere.  Miss Julia is such a tease as she pulls her panties down to her stocking tops and shows off her sexy pussy, Don't you wish you had Miss Julia teaching your class.  You would have probably been a very naughty young man serving many detentions.

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