Sexy Julia and Friends A Collection Volume 1

Julia's Garter Belt Striptease and Blow Job
Welcome to Julia's bedroom.  She is just so happy to see you and I think you will be very happy to see her in her fifties flower print dress.  She welcomes you in and lets you look at her stocking tops and then even more.  She bends over and you can see her sexy bikini panties and garter belt.  As you watch, she does a private strip for you and models her garter belt, stockings, panties and bra.  She shows off her legs and wrinkly stockings then lays on the bed with her vibrator and asks if you would like to join her as she massages her clit through her nylon panties.  She gets on her hands and knees and puts one of her red gloved fingers right in her ass as she masturbates with you.  You can watch her cum in her panties.  But then she invites you in and you watch as a man enters and Julia starts to suck his cock.  She takes off her panties and he wraps them around his dick and Julia sucks his nylon wrapped cock as you watch.  Then she takes off her panties and he puts them on and she sucks his cock even more and you watch as he cums all over her face and glasses. I think you will enjoy your afternoon as much as Julia when you see this movie.

Julia and Afton, Two Girls Masturbating in Panties and Stockings
Afton has dropped by to see Julia
for an afternoon of fun and sex.  They are both in their underwear, bras, panties, and stockings. Afton's black quarter cup bra is very sexy.  They are making out as only two attractive girls can and we can watch.  The sound of their passionate kissing is just superb.  Julia produces a silver bullet vibrator and puts it on Afton's panties and you watch as she gets dreamy and horny.  Julia has a big purple vibrator of her own.  There is an amazing scene with both girls, on the floor, in the basement; legs spread holding vibrators on each other's pussies.  They are so horny.  Their panties are pulled to the side as they masturbate side by side.  You can see all the wrinkles in their vintage stockingsJulia cums first with a shattering orgasm as Afton watches.  Then its Afton's turn and you can see her eyes riveted on Julia's bra and lingerie as she builds to an orgasm.  Finally she cums in a blinding orgasm.  These two girls are so sexy together.

Tiffiny The Girdle Girl and The Horny Photographer
Tiffiny is in the kitchen wearing the sexiest black vintage hip hugger sheer black bikini panties under her shiny open bottom girdle.  Her tan ff stockings stretched tightly up her long, long legs, her nyloned feet in her sling black pumps.  Her shapely tits held up in a sexy red brassiere. And on top, a plastic mac raincoat.  Tiffiny knows you are watching through the doorway and does a striptease as you watch.  Off comes the mac as she struts around her kitchen.  She takes off her bra and spins it around as she dances and shows off her shapely bottom and talks to you.  She sees the photographer is getting very horny and she calls him into the kitchen and he gropes her size 38 DD boobies and swallows his cock in the back of her throat.  He masturbates and cums all over her face and she just licks it up.  Tiffiny wears her sexy girdle and stockings through the whole video.

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