Sexy Saucy Striptease Vol. 1

 Five girls, five sexy striptease dances on one tape.  Striptease like you wish you could see.  No brass polls.  No showers.  No lap dances.  Just sexy pretty girls dancing and stripping for your pleasure.  Five girls.  Five shows.  Nearly one full hour of pure sexy fun.

These girls are so sexy when they slowly lift their skirts just above the tops of their stockings.  A flash of thigh and garter strap.  They dance right over you as you look up at their panties and stocking tops.  They pull their clothing so tight you can see the outline of their panties, bras, stockings, garter belts and girdles.  They let you look up their skirts and down their blouses. Sexy pretty girls in sexy pretty underwear.

Elizabeth the Stewardess.  A blue tight pencil skirt uniform with sexy panties and garter belt
Holly in a school kilt with a white girdle and stockings. Angela in hip hugger jeans cut so low that her black panties and garter belt are clearly visible before she strips to her underwear
Elizabeth again in her way too short sexy sixties mod mini skirt and bright red sheer vintage panties
Emily in her sexy stockings and....black tasseled pasties on her firm boobs.
This is striptease as it was meant to be.  Real girls in real underwear who enjoy dancing for you.