Sexy Videos 1

This is a compendium of some of the sexiest little videos from Stocking Videos.  There are lots up upskirt scenes with panty lines, girdles, stocking tops, upskirts, visible panty and garter belt lines, slips, uniforms, oral sex, girl girl sex, striptease, bikini panties, brief panties, public flashing  and very sexy girls with toys.  All the wonderfully sexy scenes you have enjoyed over the years at the Stocking and Slip Girls Websites.  And now, if you have a high speed internet connection, you can download this sexy video right away and begin enjoying our sexy girls now.  Or you can order it and receive it discreetly on DVD by post.  The choice is yours and the sexy girls in panties and nylons are ready for your pleasure.  Here is what you can enjoy, all on one long 49 minute video.  No wasted footage.  No wandering cameras.  Just pure lingerie fun.

Afternoon Panty, Girdle, and Stocking Fun with Julia
was out doing an outdoor flashing set in her sexy red business suit.  She had been letting passersby look up her skirt; see her stocking tops and even her panties when she hiked up her skirt.  You can see how excited the flashing session made her.   When she got in, she was very horny took matters into her own hands.  And you can watch.  She hikes up her skirt and shows off her black girdle and cute plaid bikini panties.  Julia spreads her legs, pulls her panties to the side and masturbates with a huge dildo and at the same time uses her purple vibrator on her clit.  She also uses her fingers as you come in close and see her panties, stocking tops and girdle as she gets horny and swollen.  She gets up on her knees and sits on the huge dildo as she brings herself to orgasm as you watch.  It's not one of those porn girl orgasms.  It is very genuine.  She lays down and in the final scene and curls up and you can see her bottom in her panties, her stockings stretched tight by her black girdle and the soles of her nylon feet.  This is a very sexy video.

Angela's Girdle and Crinoline...fifties jive skirt, open bottom girdle, frilly leg  sheer vintage red briefs and seamed stockings. 
Angie's Panty and Nylon Heaven...
Gold bikini panties, white garter belt, ffstockings over vintage pantyhose, blue full cup brassiere. Angie's Sexy Panty Lines....really tight trousers, red bikini panties showing through, red garter belt showing through, red bra, pink heels
Julia's Strap On Surprise....Calf length loose pleated skirt, sheer teacher blouse, red sheer bikini panties, maroon garter belt, panty lines, hidden large strap on under proper outfit with sexy black harness, masturbation encouragement.
The Horny Photographer Strikes Again
Lauren and Julia are in their garter belts, stockings, and sexy panties.  They are making out on the bed with lots of groping, fondling and kissing.  It appears the photographer, once more, has gotten out of control horny and refuses to work any more until the girls give him a blow job.  Well the next thing you know, he has his cock out and is jerking off while the girls watch.  But he is determined and Lauren and Julia both suck his cock at the same time.  He rolls the girls over so he has their pantied asses right in front of him and jams his cock in Julia and fucks her. He has his hands all over Julia's and Lauren's panties at the same time as he is sliding in and out of Julia.  Lauren crawls underneath to lick Julia's pussy when the horny photographer pulls out and cums all over Julia's panties and Lauren's face as she is eating Julia.  She is covered in cum.  That photographer really does take liberties.  He gets paid to shoot his pictures and demands oral sex anyway.  What a job he has.
June's Big Boobs.....white vintage garter belt, black stockings, no panties, huge perfect natural boobs, titty play, masturbation encouragement, pretty girl