Slap and Tickle

I have had so many requests for a tickling video and it seemed like such a good idea, I had to try it with Angie.  We are both dressed in vintage sheer baby dolls, garter belts, bras, panties and stockings.  I told Angela we were going to play and I bound her hands and gagged her, but she had no idea what I had in store for her. I tell you exactly what I am going to do to her and this is news to Angie. I take her stockinged foot in my hand.  You can see the look of shock in Angela's eyes when I start to tickle her nyloned feet.  She struggles and struggles to no avail. She is screaming and giggling and I am having such funI thought she was going to wet herself she was so out of control.  As I am tickling her feet, I start to rub her pussy through her white bikini panties and you can see her getting more and more turned on so I pull out a silver vibrator and get her so horny.  I start to suck on her nylon toes and she takes mine in her mouth as well. Then we both tickle each others feet laughing and giggling like school girls. I take pity on poor Angela and release her from her leather shackles and gag.  Both of us are very turned on and we grind our pussies together in our panties and stockings.  There is lots of groping and nylon play and Angela and I get into one of our favorite positions..69 and have amazing oral sex after our tickling session.  But we kiss passionatly and make up..still best of friends.