Stocking and Panty Secretaries

Sexy Angee and Ivy are home from the office and it seems that Ivy has noticed men looking up Angee's skirt and peeking at her stockings and panties. Well, it's no wonder. Her skirt is so short and her heels are so high, I am sure a glimpse of her panties and stocking tops was a treat for some lucky guys. Both girls are dressed in slightly slutty business attire. Ivy has her hair in a bun and is wearing a respectable pencil skirt. Angee is looking slightly more sluttish, but both girls are wearing sexy stockings and underwear. You are treated to lots of crossing of nyloned legs and panty peeks up their skirts and some great skirt lifting and groping as the girls embrace, kiss and play with their garters, stockings and panties. Ivy does a slow and very sexy strip as Angee watches, with her skirt hiked up, showing off her panties as she rubs her pussy through the lacy purple material. You will also see some fabulous under skirt views of Ivy as she dances over you. And there are panty and garter belt angles galore. Close ups of Ivy's bra strap, her panties from the side, front, and back as she dances enticingly for Angee. The scene of her crawling like a cat in he bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels to bury her face between Angee's stockinged legs to lick her panties is amazing. Then watch as Angee begins to dance for sexy Ivy....and who knows where this will all lead?
...well it does get very sexy....very hot....and very horny. Ivy is lying on the carpet and sexy Angee is dancing over her. Ivy's legs are spread and you watch her touch her panties as she looks up at Angee's very sultry striptease. You watch from below and look up Angee's skirt as well as she teases you with her sexy purple sheer bikini panties. She strips to her bra, garter belt, panties and stockings and the girls spread their legs and grind their panties together, getting very horny. Two girls in sexy underwear....bras, panties, stockings, and garter belts. There are lots of fabulous underwear details scenes. The girls take a big vibrator and take turns putting in their sexy panties and masturbating each other with their legs spread. Then a very sexy lingerie sixty-nine scene with even more panty play. This is seriously hot. Then Angee produces a thigh dildo, Ivy takes it deep in her throat then, pulls her sheer panties aside and takes it deep in her pussy and you are treated to a hot scene of Ivy humping Angee's thigh until she cums. Both girls still in their hot underwear, showing off all the time. These girls love lingerie and it shows.