The Bride And The Best Man Starring Fiona and Will

Remember all the firsts in your life?  The first time you put your hand up a girl's dress and touched her stocking tops.  The first time you felt a soft breast under a firm bra.  The first time you had sex.  Maybe even the first time you had an illicit affair.  Do you remember the excitement you felt, the warm rush of pleasure? This video will take you back to those heady days.  Pretty Fiona is a blushing bride about to step up to the alter.  But just before the happy event, she is alone with her bridal gown hiked up over her satin panties, open bottom girdle and white stockings lightly rubbing herself and dreaming about Will..her fiances' best man who is stopping by.

The doorbell rings distracting Fiona and in walks Will.  She is surprised and pleased by his appearance all natty in his white sports coat and a pink carnation.  Fiona asks for Will's advice on her wedding night lingerie and lifts her gown to show off her panties and girdleWill tells her she needs something naughtier.  She shows Will some lingerie her friends have given her, but she is not sure how to wear it.  Fiona is so shy.  She shows Will a pair of bright pink sheer vintage crotchless panties and a garter belt along with a very sexy 70's push up bra.  She has no idea how to put on the pantiesWill volunteers to help her with her problem.  Fiona sheds her bridal gown in front of Will and shows off her "proper" lingerie: her girdle, stockings, full cut flowery briefs, vintage strapless brassiere, and clear Lucite pumps.

Will rubs his hands on her bottom but encourages her to change for the big nightFiona strips in front of Will and he helps her into her suspender belt and seamed stockings which she has never worn.  She is very confused by the crotchless underwear, but Will sorts her out and he slips them on her.  Will has trouble with her bra and tells Fiona he is not used to putting them on, only taking them off.  This scene is so sensual with all the awkwardness of the young and the excitement of youth.  Fiona is now dressed in her push up bra, crotchless panties, garter belt, mules, and tan ff stockings.  She wants Will so badly she whisks him away to the bedroom for one last fling before she marries Tony.

Fiona sits Will on the bed, unzips his dress trousers, and gently takes his penis in her mouth.  To watch these young adults have sex is amazing.  They kiss and cuddle and do it all.  Fiona never takes off her revealing lingerie, but awkwardly undresses Will until he is naked.  They have oral sex and 69Will takes Fiona doggy style as well as missionary style.  They are so hot for each other as they grope, fondle and explore.  Fiona asks Will to cum on her titties and he explodes, all over her naked breasts and bra. 

The realization of  that she is about to be married suddenly dawns on Fiona and she tosses Will out grabbing his clothes and throwing them after him saying she will see him at the alter, then rushes out to get ready for her big night.