The Dirty Girls

This video is all about girls having sex in garter belts, girdles and stockings. And if you like real panties, hang on to your..hat?   Julia is a teacher in her severe grey business suit with the fitted jacket. Her hair is up in a bunAngela is dressed in a little junior college kiltLauren is a nurse in a real nurse's uniform with hat and cape.  They have been out shopping and come home for a cup of tea.  As soon as they get in the door Julia has to pee so badly.  She dives for the toilet, lifts her tight, tight pencil skirt and pees.  She goes back to the kitchen where the girls are chatting.  It turns out Angie, the naughty girl, is wearing pantyhose. Lauren the nurse will have no part of that, so they all head for the bedroom to punish Angie.  They bend her over, pull her hose and panties down and Julia gives her a good spanking with a proper cane.  The red marks are clearly visible on her bottom as she cries out.  They dress her in a vintage garter belt and stockings and then the fun begins.  They make Angela dance and strip for them until she is topless in a white vintage garter belt, sheer red vintage panties and black ff stockings.  Meanwhile nurse Lauren is slowly stripping Julia to reveal her sheer vintage bikini panties and black garter belt. Its Julia's turn to dance with amazing vintage slip and panty pictures as she sways to the music.  Angie strips Lauren out of her nurse's uniform down to her black open bottom girdle, brassiere and vintage briefs.  All the girls are talking to each other about their lingerie. Lauren and Julia get busy with some very heavy kissing while Angie watches.  Soon all three girls are necking.  Julia pulls Lauren's sheer vintage panties to the side and slides a double dildo right in her swollen pussy and takes it in her mouth and bobs it in and out of her.  Its Angie's turn now, her legs are spread, her panties pulled to the side and Lauren fucks her in her pussy with the dildo in her mouth. Now Lauren and Angie grind their pussies together with the double dildo buried deep inside them while Julia gets ready with a strap on dildo.  The sound is amazing you can hear everything clearly.  Lauren loves oral sex and spreads Angie's nyloned legs apart and goes down on her while Julia is fucking Lauren with the strap on still in her vintage sheer panties.   She makes Angie cum and then Julia really goes to town on Lauren and fucks her with the strap on doggy style. Then the most amazing scene in the movie.  Angie puts on her own strap on, fucks Julia while Lauren is lying with her legs spread with her favorite vibrator.  Julia and Lauren cum at the same time and Lauren sprays like a fountain.  An amazing sight if you haven't seen Lauren cum before.  Then the girls all kiss and cuddle.  This is the horniest, best produced well lit, vintage lingerie sex video I have ever seen.