The Intruder..A fantasy video

I have a very, very active imagination.  Ever since I was a girl, I have had intense sexual fantasies and desires.  I would dream away the afternoon getting turned on by wild and wonderful sexual situations.  When a man was involved I always called him Bobby.  I have made a video of a couple of my fantasies and it is amazing to see them come to life.  I am wearing a stewardess uniform and hat and looking at the girls in a glamour magazine.  I cross my legs and dangle my shoe and let you look closely at my seamed stockinged feet.  I am daydreaming and feel a man watching me.  I am sure he is skulking and sneaking into my house.  I drift off in my first fantasy.  I am bound and gagged with my legs spread in my flight attendant uniform, open bottom girdle, stockings and no panties.  A man in a balaklava opens my bedroom door, comes in an gropes me all over.  He drops down between my spread eagled legs and rams a cucumber right in my pussy and fucks me with it so hard.  He then starts to work me over with his tongue….mmmmmmm.  He is very good.  He stands between my legs and fucks me deep and hard. He then removes my ball gag and makes me take him in my mouth and suck him.  In the background the rhythm of wild and hypnotic music is drumming in my ears.  My clit is hard as a rock and huge.  He grabs my breasts as he fucks me in the face.  I am wildly horny. I can’t move because I am bound.  Reality returns as you watch me sitting in my kitchen with my skirt hiked up above my stocking tops and I am masturbating as I am dreaming about my next fantasy.

I am lying on my bed.  The music changes to a driving and sexual rhythm and I am masturbating with an aubergine (egg plant).  I am ramming it in and out of my pussy at a furious rate.  You can see the cream just pouring out of me.  I get just about all of it jammed inside me.  I am on my hands and knees fucking myself furiously and the masked man returns.  He jams his huge cock deep inside my throbbing and swollen cunt, grabs my arms from behind and pulls me right up in the air as he slams me back and forth on his throbbing penis.  He rolls me over and continues to fuck me like a Wildman.  I am screaming in ecstasy and abandon.  He rolls me over and I take his cock in my hands and give him one of the very best blow jobs and hand jobs you will ever see on video.  He cums all over my face and I am dripping, covered in cum.  Reality returns.  I am back in my kitchen and am so horny, I grab my huge vibrator and cum instantly.  I go off like a volcano as I spray huge amounts all over the floor.  If you have never seen a woman spray, this is the real thing. My fantasy is ending as....well you will have to see the video to discover how it ends.  A girls has to have some secrets after all.