The Sexy Job Interview with Miss Julia, Heather & Angela

 Miss Julia has advertised for positions testing a new product. The phone rings, and she invites Heather and Angela over for an "interview". The two girls arrive. Angela is looking prim and proper in her hound's-tooth check two-piece business suit with a very sexy pencil skirt. Heather is in a simple but sexy blouse and short skirt. Miss Julia is most concerned that the girls are appropriately dressed and wants to make sure their underwear is appropriate for testing her product. Angela is obviously up to the challenge. She stands in front of Julia's desk and begins a slow and sexy striptease. Sexy Heather is seated with her legs apart and hikes up her skirt and begins to caress her shiny pink panties as Angela dances for Julia. Heather can't contain herself and lies on the floor under Angela's skirt and looks up at her black panties. You see what she sees. You are right there looking up as Angie sways to the music. Heather's legs are spread and for the first time we see she is wearing white pantyhose with her shiny satin pink bikini panties over top of the tight white nylon. Miss Julia reaches over her desk, skirt hiked up to reveal her vintage fifties red nylon panties and her sexy seamed stockings. Angela strips to her black brassiere, black garter belt, black hip hugger vintage nylon panties to the great delight of both the girls. Julia and Angela begin kissing and Heather is furiously rubbing her panties. There are so many good shots of Heather's panties, Angie's black panties and fabulous bottom and Julia’s amazing legs and boobs in her bra. Angie strips out of her black panties and, to Heather's great delight, tosses them on her face. She licks them and inhales Angie's horny scent before she slides them in her own pink panties and masturbates looking up at Angie's naked pussy in her black garter belt and stockings. Hmmmmm we wonder what product Julia is interested in testing and just where all this girl girl girl lingerie sex is leading.

Julia asks sexy Heather to show her what she is wearing under her short skirt and blouse. Its Heather’s turn to dance for the girls. She slowly unbuttons her top to reveal her black strapless brassiere. She pulls her firm titties out and dances with her bra cups folded. You go right under her skirt to look up at her panties and nylons. She teasingly unzips her tight skirt and steps out of it to reveal her shiny pink bikini panties over her white panty hose. Julia is shocked and leaves the room to find something more appropriate for Heather to wear. Meanwhile Angie tells her just how much she loves Heather's brassiere as Heather dances for Angie. Heather sits on Angela's lap and she grabs Heather's bottom in her panties and squeezes her sexy panties and ass and strips her naked while fondling and kissing as her clothes disappear. Julia returns with a very sexy pink girdle and dresses Heather in the girdle and stockings. You watch as Julia hooks up her stockings then Heather dances in her girdle. All three girls kiss and grope and Julia goes down on both girls with their stockinged legs spread.

After all the sexy dancing, stripping, panty shows and girdle dancing, Julia finally lets the girls see the product they will be demonstrating in their new job....a Sybian vibrator. The most powerful orgasm machine in the world. They are both fascinated and a bit apprehensive, so Julia, in her red panties and her sexy garter belt demonstrates. She climbs on the mechanical dildo, and sits down on the stiff plastic. Both girls watch in awe as Julia fucks this amazing machine to orgasm....still in her lingerie. Heather volunteers to be next and dressed in her sexy black boots and girdle slides onto the mechanical monster. What a ride. Her glasses come off and she just cums and cums and is left breathless. But Julia has a special treat for Angela. She tells Angie she is considering a new line of panties. She produces a sexy pair of shiny, flowery full cut briefs and cuts the crotch out of them and slides them onto Angie, over her sexy black garter belt and then its Angie's turn. Another great orgasm....and in the crotchless panties. Everyone is left totally satisfied with their afternoon of striptease, lesbian sexy and riding the amazing Sybian. Julia says the girls are great and they can start their new product testing positions on Monday.